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One of the worst things that can go wrong during a windshield installation, is taking out the windshield to find this. Here you see there is a significant amount of rust on this vehicle where the windshield was sitting. You might be wondering, “what caused the rust under my windshield?” Unfortunately, this is a result of a windshield replacement that was done improperly before. When an installer scratches the pinch weld and doesn’t take the time to prime it, this is the result. It’s a sad realization of how many hack job installers are out there. Once rusted, I can try to remove the rust but if the rust is too bad like it was here underneath the rust it has actually caused holes to the body of the vehicle. The only thing that could be done here for a proper install is to have this vehicle go to the body shop to be fixed, and then I can safely install the windshield. Please, do your research on the shop your using to install your windshield. Do not, just shop around for the cheapest place because what you will get is the cheapest job. Be safe when you replace and choose someone you can trust.