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One of the most important questions we get asked is; “How long do I have to wait after my windshield replacement before I can I drive?” With this ever-changing industry, you can hear many different answers to this question. How long it takes for the urethane to cure before you can safely drive away depends on the type of urethane used as well as the climate you live in. Most commonly it takes 1 hour, however sometimes it can take several hours. So, it is always important to ask your technician what your safe drive away time is. When you schedule with us, upon completion of your installation you will receive a warranty brochure. Inside that brochure the technician will write what your safe drive away time is. It is important to follow these instructions and not drive your car until you can safely do so. If ignored, in the event of an accident your windshield can come out of your car. With a busy schedule it can sometimes be an inconvenience to have to wait so long before you can drive. That is why we were so excited to learn about a new urethane now available, express30! This new urethane allows a 30-minute safe drive away time. So when your in a rush, be sure to ask us about express30 to get you back.