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Here are some common questions asked by customers when it’s raining.

 Can you have a windshield repair done in the rain?

If you have a small chip or crack and wish to get it repaired, our mobile glass shop can come right to you. But let’s say you wake up and realize it is raining outside. Unfortunately, your repair cannot be done in the rain. In order for the resin to adhere there cannot be any moisture in the chip or crack. However, if you have a large enough shelter to fit your car in where a technician can comfortably move around you might not need to reschedule. If you do not have covered shelter do not worry, your repair is important to us and we will fit you in as soon as possible.  

Can my car get rained on after a windshield repair?

To finish your repair, the technician uses a UV light to cure the resin. Once this is completed and your repair is all finished, it can be in the rain and you may use your windshield wipers. 

How do I take care of my windshield repair?

After your windshield repair do not take it through a high pressured car wash for at least 24 hours.